About Dr. Siskind

Dr. Scott Siskind graduated with honors from University College Cork School of Medicine in Ireland, and did his residency at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Michigan. He specializes in treatment-resistant depression and has published research on antidepressants in Pharmacology Research And Perspectives. His areas of interest within psychiatry include chronotherapy, behavioral genetics, and the ontology of psychiatric disorders.

In his off hours, Dr. Siskind lives in Oakland and blogs about science, technology, and politics. His father Dr. Andrew Siskind is a Professor of Medicine at University of California Irvine, his uncle Dr. Mark Siskind is a Professor of Medicine at Brown University, and his cousin Dr. Samantha Siskind is chief resident at Boston Medical Center. His brother Jeremy Siskind somehow bucked the family trend and became a professional jazz musician – click on the link to learn more about him and listen to his work.